Welcome Artletic Ambassadors!!

We want to thank our first year Ambassadors representing Artletic Apparel! We have recruited 16 runners and cyclists from California, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and France! If you know anyone that would be interested, the only requirement is that they love fitness (maybe not during the summer!) and they want to have fun! We have great things to share with you and are excited for what's to come!

New Products

We have many new products being developed that we cannot wait to share with you! On occasion we may have you "test" new products for us or we will give our ambassadors the first opportunity to model for our website or for marketing purposes. We are excited for what's to come!

Abassador Discounts

As an Ambassador save 15% off all products and take advantage of exclusive offers! If you already have an account at artleticapparel.com, a permanent discount will apply each time to order. If you have not created an account, register here to create your account using the same email you used when you applied as an ambassador. Please share your unique code that extends a 15% discount to your family and friends!

2023 Ambassadors

Gia Parker

Brian Kesterson

Dennis Ball

Connor Nolen

Gigi Bourelle

Zaira Yaryk

Loic Arnol

Alejandra Baglietto

Kyle Fraley

Rosie Alavezos

Michelle Brown

Luis Ruiz

Casey Zieg

Kathleen DeLuca

Stacey Ferguson

Renee DeNolf

Heidi Jaramillo

Amanda Rycroft

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