In the fall of 1982 while in Mary’s final year of art school at Ringling College of Art & Design, she discovered her three passions in life.Walking into a small bicycle shop, she met a young, handsome, bicycle mechanic and told him “I want to race bikes”. Although he snickered under his breath, he gladly sold Mary a starter race-bike and told her to show up on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for their training rides. This was the beginning of a long-lasting relationship with art, cycling and her (to be) husband.

In 1982, they didn’t even make women’s cycling clothes. Leather chamois and thick black Lycra shorts along with frumpy jersey’s that were always too big and way too hot was standard and custom kits reserved for only “big teams”.

We’ve come a long way. Today we are lucky to have the latest in lightweight and well-ventilated materials along with the latest, state-of-the-art sublimation technology. As a life-long artist and designer,quality and looks are priority, but as a cyclist – fit and comfort has to be uncompromising. This is a dream come true for Mary. “I have always wanted to design clothing. Design colors, patterns, total ensembles that look as good as it feels. And what better to make this happen then with cycling clothes; especially women’s cycling clothes. In a racing career that has spanned over 30 years, I’d like to think I know something about good athletic clothing and I am so excited to share my exclusive line of athletic apparel, after-workout clothing and exclusive designs”.

Along with her lifelong partner, teammate and best friend, Bob Higgins, we are proud to introduce “Artletic Apparel”. Order our in-stock designs for cycling, triathlete, multisport, workout or crossfit clothes or allow us to design something uniquely amazing just for you. It would truly be our honor and a privilege to be a part of your athletic journey.